How to Navigate the Buying and Selling Process in Last Epoch

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As you delve into the realms of Last Epoch, your inventory is bound to fill up with items that may not suit your character's needs.

As you delve into the realms of Last Epoch, your inventory is bound to fill up with items that may not suit your character's needs. Rather than discarding them, you have the option to sell almost any piece of gear for Last Epoch Gold For Sale. Moreover, purchasing new items from vendors can be a more direct path to acquiring high-tier gear compared to relying on random enemy drops.

Thankfully, Last Epoch provides an early opportunity to interact with a vendor. While vendors are scattered throughout different regions of the game, there's one available right from the start that can serve as your go-to for selling various gear in the early game.

Locate the vendor in the Keeper's Camp region of Last Epoch. Specifically, look for an NPC with a gray armor icon over their head or on your map. In the Keeper's Camp, this NPC is conveniently positioned near the fast travel waypoint at the center of the region.

Engage in conversation with this NPC, and as the dialogue progresses, you'll reach a point where you can view the vendor's available items. Choose this dialogue option, and both your inventory and the vendor's inventory will be displayed on the screen. Hover over any item in either inventory to decide whether to sell your belongings or purchase something from the vendor.

Keep track of your available Gold, conveniently located just beneath your equipped items on your side of the screen. Interestingly, many early-game items in Last Epoch come at a reasonable Gold cost, making it likely that you can afford an upgrade if you spot a stronger item than what you currently have equipped. However, crafting materials available for purchase might be pricier, so it's advisable to hold off on acquiring them until you progress further into Last Epoch.

As you advance through Last Epoch, you'll encounter numerous vendors, including specialized ones with distinct icons. Stay vigilant for these vendors whenever you enter a new region to make the most of the buying and selling opportunities in the game.

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